Client Feedback

What our clients are saying about us

It's always best to hear it direct from the clients, so here are a few to tell you themselves. There are many more hard working people behind the scenes too, we are proud of you all equally! To see all our testimonials please visit our YouTube channel.

Personal Training


Janet has been coming to Ryding2Health for 1:1 personal training with Kimberley for 3 months. Here she is talking about how she’s finding it.


Mat came to use to improve his general health and fitness. He also got few other pleasant positive side effects too.


Libby has been a virtual personal training client, then transferred to skype personal training. She does not live in Invercargill, but that has not stopped her from accessing our services. Here is what she has to say.

Bespoke Fitness solutions

Nadine brought some lovely ladies with her from Awarua Whanau Services, who were on a gym crawl as part of women's health week. We were honoured to host them at the end of their morning and so pleased they had such a positive experience.

Sports Massage

Birney has been a client at Ryding2Health for around 6 months. He competes in various sports and came to us to help speed up his recovery between trainings and competitions

Therapeutic massage

Megan Luckin, our therapeutic massage therapist has magic hands that can relieve pain, increase joint function and a multitude of other things. Here's a testimonial from one of her first clients to come to her just after she joined us.


Combatting Covid-19 at Ryding2Health

Steps we are taking to flatten the curve of Covid-19 at Ryding2Health

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"I have been having knee and a few other problems which started during lockdown, so was unable to get them seen to immediately, Ryding2Health, was the first actual hands on attention I could get to when it was permitted and I couldnt have picked a better place."

- Heather Cooper