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What our clients are saying about us

Here are a few of our client successes. There are many more hard working people behind the scenes too, we are proud of you all equally!


Kathy improved her Vo2Max from excellent to superior, almost doubling her strength during the 6 weeks. She lost a total of 2.2kg and a superb 23.5cm from her arms, bust, waist, hips and thighs.

'Thanks for your one on one help. I have loved the program and Knowing I am seeing you regularly has helped to keep me on track. I feel much fitter and stronger now even after only 6 weeks, thanks Mel'


Emily improved her Vo2Max from good, to very good. She lost a total of 4.1kg and an incredible 34.5cm from her arms, bust, waist, hips and thighs.

'Thank you for keeping me motivated and on the right track'


Ben improved his Vo2Max from good to superior. He lost an incredible 9.2kg and 20cm from his arms, chest, waist, hips and thighs.

'I thought this programme was great. Really happy about the weight loss, cant believe the change in energy and attitude to life. I also must thank you for the way you run your classes as every week they are different and interesting. Thats what makes it so addictive and keeps me coming for more'.


Leann improved her Vo2Max from fair to very excellent. She lost a total of 3.7kg and an amazing 29cm from her arms, bust, waist, hips and thighs.


Skye's goal was to develop cardiovascular fitness, strength and muscle mass. She improved her strength by 65% and achieved an 'excellent' VO2 Max result. She lost 7cm from her waist and hips, gaining muscle mass in all other areas.


Ari improved her Vo2 Max from poor to above average, a fabulous result! She lost a total of 3.7kg and a fabulous 22cm from her arms, bust, waist hips and thighs and improved her strength by an incredible 65%!

Group fitness


Heaps of fun and lots of activities. You can push yourself as much or as little as you want. Not at all scary. - Cara

Motivating and fun. You can tailor activities to your own fitness level which makes it much less intimidating. - Jill

Fun atmosphere, great people. - Leann

Lots of fun and heaps of laughs. It is only as hard as you make it on yourself. - Ari

I really liked the relaxed atmosphere in the group and Mel was great. I liked the mix of weight and aerobic exercises. - Simon

Throughly enjoyed. Went away feeling like I hadn't really had a workout that killed me. Woke up two days later and I was soooooo wrong. Will definitely be going again. - Leanne

Lots of fun and you push yourself - what you put in is what you get out so it suits all levels of fitness. - Jodi

Fun, exciting. You can go at your own pace. Lots of encouragement. - Mark

I had always wanted to try something new like Boot Camp but was not sure what I would experience or how I would feel after. Before approaching Ryding2Health my only exercise was the walking involved in my job, and to say I am a beginner is an understatement.

I have never before been involved with any type of fitness or sports. From the first point of contact with R2H it was easy. I told Melanie my goal and she was very supportive with helping me achieve the end result that I was after. Being a beginner I have little knowledge of the terms, equipment etc.

Melanie was very patient, made sure we did not move onto another topic until I asked every question I needed. She did not make me feel stupid with anything I asked and made me feel relaxed and comfortable. The support received by emails and text messages is amazing.

My first Boot Camp I was incredibly nervous having all sorts of things running through my head of what it was going to be like and when I got there and it started everything I was thinking was wrong. It is fun, supportive and encouraging. You are with people that have similar goals and go home feeling happy, sore but inspired.

Melanie's leadership and well balanced fun activities shows that she listens to her clients and brings activities that everyone (including beginners) can achieve and aim for. The way it is structured makes you feel inspired to do better every time you go and aim for greatness.

I would highly recommend giving Ryding2Health a go, the selection and range of options fits anyone's abilities and you can choose the one that best fits your end goal, the other classes available are affordable and fun. There is nothing that does not cover what you are after. - Nicky


Great night. Great structure. Great exercises. Great adaption for all various types of people there. - Julia

I was a little nervous to start with but with a brief game of bull rush to get us warmed up I was not so anymore... Light and refreshing for the first night, fun and oh did I mention fun... - Kathlene

I feel like anything is possible, thanks to Melanie - Leann

Personal Training


In just 8 weeks, Leah lost an incredible 45cm from her bust, waist hips and thighs, and a superb 7.6kg.

She improved her VO2 max from poor to fair and increased her overall strength by 33%.

Í had excellent results. Melanie was great and was always challenging me, which is what I need. A++'


I decided to use a PT to get me back into exercising after having two children. I was a little apprehensive at first and concerned that I would be pushed too far beyond my limits. I was also unsure that a trainer might make me feel uncomfortable in comparison to myself. Instead I found the complete opposite,

Melanie was approachable, and very ‘real’. She gradually increased the intensity of the exercise according to what I was able to manage, and always gave me options for each exercise that I could take at my own pace. Sessions were always tailored to my preferences, but also with a good variety of exercises.

Over a 12 week period I was able to significantly improve my fitness compared to my initial level, and also achieve and exceed a fitness goal I had set for myself to run 5 km. I also met my weight loss goal of 5 kg over this time. Overall Melanie’s training, advice and encouragement as a PT exceeded my expectations and I would definitely recommend to others.


Thanks for the session, it was great and I will definitely be back for more. I love that when you tell us what our next exercise is I think 'she's crazy, I can't do that' and then you push us and I am surprised that I actually can! Learning heaps about exercise, my body and just me. I can't thank you enough. I'm shocked how much being active has changed my energy levels and my happiness.

Weight loss

Sarah Mobsby

Sarah enlisted the help of Melanie from Ryding2health for a personalised nutrition plan While she was part of the IRGH biggest loser programme. She won the competition, losing an amazing 4.5 stone, around 29% of her body weight!

The aim of the IRGH Biggest Loser, based loosely on the TV programme of the same name, was to raise funds for the charity’s 24-hour Hospice at Home nursing service in local communities – but also to foster a healthier lifestyle for all those who took part. With eating plans donated by nutritionist Melanie Ryding of Ryding2Health and free gym membership, contestants not only lost weight but felt healthier and learnt how to sustain their new figures through healthy eating and exercise.

Sarah lost an incredible 4.5 stone while she was on the Ryding2Health programme.

"It has been a big lifestyle change in a very positive way" she says.

As well as the nutrition plans provided by Melanie as part of the programme, Sarah also enlisted Melanie's help for a regular personalised plan with unlimited email support.

Tom Abbott

Tom Abbott (pictured right after his weight loss) lost 4 stone during the 18 weeks of the IRGH / Ryding2Health biggest loser programme. Melanie provided Tom with nutrition plans to help him understand how to achieve and maintain body fat loss.

“The structure of the programme was very supportive, especially for men I think." said Tom.

Melanie's comments: I'm incredible proud of Sarah and Tom. They have made major lifestyle changes, has learned how to balance nutrition for weight management as well as weight loss. Along with that, excerise has played an important part in their amazing results, and continued lifestyle change. The two go hand in hand, as they have both proved. Here is the full IRGH Biggest loser news story

Multisport / run coaching

Ben Lindley

Ben contacted Melanie during the summer of 2013 to ask whether she would coach him for Ironman UK on the 20thJuly 2014.

Ben had no prior triathlon experience. He could not swim the front-crawl and had no prior open water swimming experience.

The only endurance experience that he had was running the London Marathon in April 2013, prior to this he had kept a general level of fitness by following a free-weights/cardio program at his local gym, a sharp contrast to Ironman which consists of a 2.4 mile open water swim, 112 mile bike ride and a full marathon, each discipline conducted consecutively and within a maximum cut off time of 17 hours.

Melanie agreed and what followed was a structured, tailor-made rolling program, with full support, and including: one-to-one online sessions to discuss training requirements and progress, a full nutritional package centred upon Ben’s strict vegetarian diet, and mind-set coaching specific to Ben’s needs.

On the 20th April 2014, Ben completed his first-ever triathlon at Just Racing’s Duston Sprint Triathlon in an impressive time of 1hr 15min.

‘This day was one of the best so far. This whole experience from the start has been life-changing in such a positive way – I have learnt so much and I’m now on track to complete my dream goal in July. I could not have asked for more support than I have received from Melanie, she has been there for me 100%. I have made such massive progress in such a short space of time, and I have Melanie to thank for this as she has consistently pushed me to reach my full potential.’


Robyn contacted Melanie with the goal becoming and ultra runner. Her goal was to complete three back to back marathons as part of a fund raising event. She completed the Queenstown Marathon (as a training run) smashing her finish time target by over 15 minutes, despite unprecidented bad weather.

Only a few months into her coaching relationship with Melanie she has increased her self awareness, self belief and confidence in running, seeing massive improvements already

Mental Strength coaching

We value feedback highly, it helps us to continually improve our services. Here is what our clients are saying about us:

'It transformed my swimming performances overnight!'

'I found the sessions very useful and I have definitely learnt from it.'

‘I found the facilitator very knowledgeable and understanding.’

‘She was very informative and very familiar with the techniques she was talking about.’

She communicated well with all of us and understood our questions, she was clear and friendly.’

‘I found that the session was not structured in a way that was strict, it was laid back and created a good atmosphere to learn in.’

‘The session had some structure to it but it was a calm environment and I was therefore able to focus more.

‘All the activities were helpful, but in particular I found the quiz very useful because it was also good compare results at the end with everyone else as its good to know other people feel the same as you.'

‘I would recommend it to them as it would benefit everyone in some way, it is especially good if the person had lower confidence’.

‘The aspect I enjoyed most was discussing how the mind affects performance’



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"Excellent sports massage, got out all my niggles and my legs felt great. Friendly and helpful staff with nice clean and tidy facilities. Highly recommended. :)"

- Jeremy Holmes

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