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Personalised to suit your goals

Personal training is the ideal way to get tailored training programmes developed to get the best out of you and help you achieve your goals in a faster and smarter way.

Whether it be weight loss, weight gain, aerobic fitness, strength or something else, get focused individualised attention and gain maximum results in a friendly, client centred environment within our Ryding2Health studio.

** If you prefer not to have a contract / pay weekly, we can bill for sessions up front in blocks of 6 or 12. Contact us for prices**


All our personal training payment plans are on a Direct Debit payment agreement to make it easier on your cash flow. We include nutrition support if you require it.

  • 1 x 30 min personal training session a week $35
  • 2 x 30 min personal training sessions a week $66
  • 3 x 30 min personal training sessions a week $95
  • 1 x 45 min personal training session a week $46
  • 2 x 45 min personal training sessions a week $95
  • 1 x 1 hour personal training session a week $58
  • 2 x 1 hour personal training sessions a week $112


Paired Personal Training

Keen to work out with a buddy but don't want the group classes or group personal training? Then paired PT is the solution! Both you and a friend book a single time slot that works for you with any of our personal trainers, save cash, but get the same aweome individualised service!

30 min 2:1 Personal training: $25 per person per session
45 min 2:1 Personal training: $35 per person per session

Contact us to talk book a consultation and talk one of our trainers: we can book your sessions at days / times that suit you.

Group Personal training

We have timetabled slots each week where you can book in and share your time (and the cost) with up to three others, all working on your own individualised programme. Get small group tailored and focused training with a smaller cost than 1:1. Contact us to find out if we have any current vacancies for group personal training.

These are currently Tuesday and Thursday at 5:15pm.

45 min group PT sessions$20 / session / wk

PLEASE NOTE: All prices quoted are per person. Group personal training sessions are on a Direct Debit payment plan

Virtual Personal Training

Do you want some 1:1 direction but live too far away from town to be able to access a gym or a personal trainer? Are you a member of a gym, but don't know what to do when you get there and can't afford personal training? Would you prefer to exercise from the comfort of your own home? We have the solution for you: virtual personal training! The cut price way to get personalised programming right to your computer or smart phone! In addition to that you still get the same personalised support as if you were actually visiting us, with 24/7 access though our in app messenger to your trainer to help keep you on track. Simply fill in our registration form to get started

Price: $48 / week all inclusive, $24 basic package.

Pay for Virtual Personal Training

Once you have filled in the subscription form above, you will receive some Direct Debit forms to fill in and return to us. If you live outside New Zealand, You will need to subscribe to a regular weekly payment via Credit card / Paypal using the button below. Once you process your first payment, it will repeat collected in NZD on a weekly basis.

Basic package: Tailored online training programs suited to your needs. Weekly email check ins.

Full Works: All of the above plus access to our online membership forum (which includes additional free fitness plans and 2-3 live streamed fitness classes / week) and monthly video call check-ins.

Terms and Conditions: paying and booking for personal training sessions

  • All personal training sessions are on a regular payment agreement, and require 1 months notice to cancel this agreement.
  • Any special offer pay up front blocks of personal training sessions have an expiry: 6 sessions - 6 week expiry, 12 sessions - 12 week expiry.
  • Ryding2Health do not offer refunds / partial refunds for up front payment deals for personal training.
  • An exception may be made to our no refund policy if a medical certificate can be produced. We would then be willing to extend the expiry term of your sessions by the amount of weeks indicated by your medical professional, or re-schedule them / hold them on account until you have medical clearance.
  • Ryding2Health has a 24 hour cancellation policy. Any sessions cancelled within this time will be lost / still be charged. Our staff may make exceptions to this rule in extenuating circumstances.


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"​Wow Jenny is Amazing, had a deep tissue massage with her and feel brand spanking new. Will be back very soon for another And highly recommend Jenny thanks again​"

- Rachael Pearson