Deep Tissue, Sports and Relaxation Massage

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Massage has for centuries, been used as a method of relaxation and recovery, a practice dating back to 3000BC and beyond.

As well as its obvious soothing and relaxing qualities, massage can help to relieve muscle stiffness, increase joint mobility and flexibility and improve circulation. It also helps to increase lung capacity. It also aids digestion and helps promote a sense of self wellbeing. We offer the full range of relaxation, therapeutic and sports massage.

We thoroughly disinfect all our massage rooms and completely change all linen in between every client.

*Please note, your appointment time includes consultation, assessment and time for you to change at the start and end of your massage.*

Therapeutic Massage

A deep tissue / therapeutic massage treats specific complaints or helps resolve specific aches/pains/niggles. This appointment is ideal for someone who has a specific issue they would like us to treat. This includes a physical assessment / range of movement testing where necessary.

PLEASE NOTE: if you are a new customer to Ryding2Health, please choose a 45 min appt or longer, to allow sufficient time for our therapist to assess you at the start of your treatment.

30 min appt: $70
45 min appt: $80
60 min appt: $90
90 min appt: $135

Half body / full body Massage (med to firm)

This is a Top to toe half or full body massage which can have a moderate or deeper pressure. This appointment is ideal for general aches and pains caused by tired or overworked muscles. If you like a firmer pressure massage please choose the firm pressure appointment options under half / full body massage.

30 min appt (half body): $70
45 min appt (half body): $80
45 min appt (full body): $80
60 min appt (full body): $90

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage is ideal for treating a wide range of inflammatory conditions as well as pain management for a wide range of conditions. It also helps to reduce injury related swelling, treats fluid retention, lymphedema and great for detoxification. Lymphatic drainage is also often used in conjunction with oncology treatment. Lymphatic drainage is a system-wide treatment which is why you need to book a longer first appointment. This is also why our 30 minute treatment is only available directly through our therapist: only suitable for very limited and specific conditions.

Find out the results of our trials treating pain symptoms in Fibromyalgia clients.

PLEASE NOTE: if you are a new customer to Ryding2Health, please choose a 60 min appt, to allow sufficient time for our therapist to assess you at the start of your treatment.

30 min appt: $70 (only available for by booking direct with the therapist)
45 min appt: $80
60 min appt: $90
90 min appt: $135

Relaxation / Recovery Massage

Relax and restore both mind and body with of recovery massage therapy. Designed to allow your mind and body to recuperate.

30 min appt: $60
45 min appt: $70
60 min appt: $80

**Re-book on the day and get a discount off your next appointment**

Sports massage

Sports massage differs depending on when your next event is, incorporates almost every technique to have you working at your optimal level! Mid-training is a great time for deep tissue work to iron out any muscular deficiences/tension areas, pre- and post- event to help prepare body and mind or to aid your muscles in recovery.

30 min appt - sports massage: $70
45 min appt: sports flush (pre / post event): $80
45 min appt - sports massage: $80
60 min appt: sports massage: $90

Pregnancy massage

A healthy way to reduce stress and promote general well-being. The Massage Therapist will work to relieve the normal discomforts experienced during pregnancy, such as back aches, a stiff neck, leg cramps, headaches and joint pain. In addition, by relaxing nervous tension, you can experience a better night’s sleep. To book pregnancy massage you will be required to have clearance from your midwife.

*PLEASE NOTE* for pregnancy related lower leg swelling please choose 'manual lymphatic drainage'.

45 min appt: $80
60 min appt: $90
90 min appt: $135

Video call Injury assessment / self treatment tutorial

Ideal if you have a niggle, possible new injury or muscle soreness and you really need a massage, but don't have time right now!

This booking is with Trina, our therapeutic massage therapist. She will ask you some questions about your injury / pain symptoms which will enable her to assess the cause and suggest some home treatments to alleviate the problem. She will then talk you through some self treatments and then give you exercises you can do at home. She might even might refer you on to another specialist if she feels that is necessary.

  • Appt length: 30 mins
  • Cost: $30

You will need a webcam and an internet connection for this video call appointment.

What to expect at your appointment

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Sports & Relaxation Massage Invercargill

Terms and Conditions: booking and paying for massage appointments

  • All bookings received by any means will automatically generate an invoice which you will be required to pay before the date of your appointment.
  • Ryding2Health has a 24 hour cancelation policy. Where we will always attempt to accomodate your request if you ask to change an appointment at short notice, we reserve the right to charge you for short notice cancellations if we cannot accommodate your appointment change request.


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