Group fitness classes

Group Fitness

We offer a range of group fitness classes which are suitable for all fitness levels from beginner upwards. Our class timetable tells you when and where all our classes take place. You can also buy gift vouchers (including concession cards) online here.

Casual / concession card class options

Want to try out a few classes, or book in on a casual basis? That's fine! Simply book into a class from the timetable page and you will be sent an invoice for one class, or purchase a concession card here. They come in 6 and 12 class options (either $70 or $130).

Concession card options


This is a fun filled group class that is based on paired and team games, for maximum fun integrated with aerobic fitness and strength training. No equipment is needed. be prepared to be challenged!

Strength and tone

This is a 45 min class that works on strength, so low reps and high weight. Ideal for those who want to tone up that excess skin in problem areas.

BoxFit Circuit

This class is a combination of basic boxing moves and cardio exercises in a circuit based format. This is a HIIT (high intensity intervals) class to make the most of your time.

Spin / Spin Circuits

These are short 45 minute high intensity stationery bike based classes where you have the opportunity to work at your own level and push yourself as much as you like. The spin circuits version mixes up tradition spin with strength in an interval structure.

Boxfit Express

This class is a 30 minute high intensity fast moving boxing for fitness class. It happens twice a week, Wednesday lunchtime and Thursday at the same time as Senior dance aerobics. The Thursday class is bookable on its own in a block term by term basis with its own pricing structure if you just wanted to do the one class per week.

Cardio Abs

This is a combination of cardio high intensity and core based work: the mixture is what gives this class the challenge!


his is a stretch based class that focuses on balance and flexibility, with a short NLP style focus and mental stillness session to finish.

Dance Fit

This is a class that focuses on building leg and core strength, ideal for people who want to build dance based fitness, but you don't have to be a dancer to join this class!


A crazy mix of everything' to make this the ultimate workout experience! This class includes boxing, cardio, HIIT, plus lots more!

Bums, Abs, thighs

A class that targets the glutes and abs. Don't be fooled, that doesn't mean its easy!


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