Online Group Fitness

Why online?

For the past 12 months or more, we have delivered all our group fitness classes via Live online video link. The advantage of this is that you can join us from almost anywhere! In light of the recent global pandemic Covd-19, this has suddenly become something people are much more interested in from a personal safety point of view. Join us online, an established platform that was around well before this pandemic!


1/2 price online group fitness membership for new members. Can you prove that you have been financially impacted by Covd-19? If so, contact us to see if you are elligible for this offer.

Online Group Fitness Membership prices and membership options:

$22/ week (month by month rolling contract, 1 month notice to cancel)

  • Free access to R2H Group Fitness Online
  • Free access to all our online group fitness classes (3 x weekly, available live and on demand)
  • Free access to our entire catalogue of online group fitness classes (literally hundreds, no equipment necessary)
  • Priority information emails.
  • Free (optional) food diary monitoring
  • Free online educational seminars (also available on demand / watch back)

If you have already advance paid for services and want to become a member

Once your initial payment has been made to activate your account (your first payment cleared into our account) We will refund you any classes you have already paid for that are included in your membership from the date your membership becomes active, onwards. This is not applicable if you have signed up to a loyalty membership reduced price offer.

Joining up is easy

Download an Individual membership form here, fill it in and post it back to us along with the Direct Debit mandate.

You can post the forms back to us:

PO Box 5032,
Invercargill 9843

or email us: PLEASE NOTE: we need the original Direct debit mandate returned via post, we cannot accept copies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I add more than one discount to my membership? Sorry, no. You can have the contract discount, or an external discount from a voucher / promotion that we might run from time to time, you need to choose!

Can I have membership for just two weeks of each month? No, sorry. Membership is an ongoing agreement requiring regular payments. If you cannot attend our classes regularly perhaps a block payment concession is a better plan for you.

Can I swap 1 of my classes for a personal training session, and have it included in membership? Personal training sessions are a separate payment in addition to your membership.

Can I cancel my membership for a week, we are going on holiday? Yes. During a membership year you are allowed to freeze your membership a maximum of three times a year for up to a month each time. This will extend your membership term agreement by the amount of weeks your membership was suspended in each calendar year. Please note there are fees associated with membership freezes. All the details are on our membership agreement form.

I signed up for a month by month contract and I want to cancel, what will happen? Your membership payments will cease 1 month from the date that we acknowledge the receipt of your notice to cancel. Your access to R2H group fitness onlinw will also cease.

Is Ryding2Health membership more expensive that a normal gym membership? No. Recent market research locally revealed that comparative gym memberships locally are priced from $40 - $60 / week. Most other 24/7 gyms charge you for classes in addition to your membership. Our membership is high value, because it is based on a group fitness class model, meaning you will ALWAYS have a staff member there to instruct and motivate you, whereas regular gym membership is reliant on you motivating yourself to attend and designing your own workouts. Plus our timetable changes frequently and no two classes are ever the sa

*Membership is subject to contract terms and conditions and must be paid by Direct Debit*



Combatting Covid-19 at Ryding2Health

Steps we are taking to flatten the curve of Covid-19 at Ryding2Health

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"I have been having knee and a few other problems which started during lockdown, so was unable to get them seen to immediately, Ryding2Health, was the first actual hands on attention I could get to when it was permitted and I couldnt have picked a better place."

- Heather Cooper