We offer a wide range of treatment options including relaxation, sports & therapeutic massage plus lymphatic drainage. Our therapists are also available online for injury and pain assessments.



Want some fitness motivation but everything else has failed? We can help! Our team of personal trainers offer 1:1 either face to face online personal training via video call, promising a fun filled fitness session.

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Melanie is a retired Great Britain triathlete. Following a right leg total knee replacement and left leg below the knee amputation, she is now working on her multisport comeback. Melanie never take's 'I can't' as an answer! She now specialises in joint rehab and fitness for the disabled.

You can contact Melanie on Alternatively she can be reached by phone: 03 2187461 Ext. 201.

Melanie is the owner / manager of Ryding2Health Limited. Ryding2Health is a REPS registered fitness facility.



Gemma is a qualified relaxation and sports massage therapist and lymphatic drainage therapist.

Gemma is a mother of two energetic girls. She loves seeing the difference in people after receiving massage treatments.

She is experienced in relaxation and sports massage as well as massage to help alleviate as well as preventing work related injury. She also offers manual lymphatic drainage.

Gemma can be contacted on Alternatively she can be reached by phone: 03 218 7461 Ext. 207.