We offer a wide range of treatment options including relaxation, sports & therapeutic massage plus lymphatic drainage. Our therapists are also available online for injury and pain assessments.



Want some fitness motivation but everything else has failed? We can help! Our team of personal trainers offer 1:1 either face to face online personal training via video call, promising a fun filled fitness session.

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Until 2005, Melanie was very unfit, very overweight, and didn't do much exercise. She decided to transform her life, lost 4.5 stone and then went on to compete for Great Britain in the sport of Triathlon on the international stage for five years. Injury forced her retirement in 2012 and a few years later she received a total knee replacement.

You can contact Melanie on Alternatively she can be reached by phone: 03 2187461 Ext. 201

Download Melanie's business card here.

Melanie is the owner / manager of Ryding2Health Limited. Ryding2Health is a REPS registered fitness facility.



Kimberley is a REPS registered personal trainer.

She is the mother of two girls and lives with her husband on a 40 acre sheep farm She loves being outdoors and active: plays netball and is also a runner. She says taking up running changed her life, body, mindset and health.

Kimberley was also overweight when she was younger and is now keen on sharing her passion for health and fitness with others to help them succeed. She offers 1:1 / semi private personal training and group fitness classes.

She can be contacted on Alternatively she can be reached by phone: 03 2187461 Ext. 205

Download Kimberley's business card here.

Kimberley is the assistant manager of Ryding2Health Limited.

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Trina is a qualified deep tissue / therapeutic massage therapist.

Trina has always been actively involved in sports, including horse riding, dancing and netball and this was where her interest in massage was born. Having also regularly received massage herself, Trina knows that it benefits the mind and body and hopes to relieve the aches and pains that build up.

Trina specialises in therapeutic massage for injury treatment and pain relief.

You can contact her on Alternatively she can be reached by phone: 03 2187461 Ext. 206

Download Trina's business card here.



Gemma is a qualified relaxation and sports massage therapist and lymphatic drainage therapist.

Gemma is a mother of two energetic girls. She loves seeing the difference in people after receiving massage treatments.

She is experienced in relaxation and sports massage as well as massage to help alleviate as well as preventing work related injury.

Gemma can be contacted on Alternatively she can be reached by phone: 03 218 7461 Ext. 207.

Download Gemma's business card here



Sophie is originally from Guangzhou, China. She enjoys walking, singing and karaoke.

Sophie is qualified in traditional Chinese massage, acupressure and cupping.

Sophie can be contacted on: