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Deep Tissue, Lymphatic and Relaxation Massage

Massage has for centuries, been used as a method of relaxation and recovery, a practice dating back to 3000BC and beyond.

As well as its obvious soothing and relaxing qualities, massage can help to relieve muscle stiffness, increase joint mobility and flexibility and improve circulation. It also helps to increase lung capacity. It also aids digestion and helps promote a sense of self wellbeing. We offer the full range of relaxation, therapeutic and sports massage.

*Please note, your appointment time includes consultation, assessment and time for you to change at the start and end of your massage.*

Deep Tissue Massage

With sports and therapeutic massage, we aim to provide the best care within the treatment time, including physical assessment and range of movement testing where necessary.

30 min appt: $52
45 min appt: $64
60 min appt: $75

Relaxation Massage

This is a light to medium pressure massage, soothing warming and easing tensions to leave you feeling completely relaxed.

Please note: this massage could leave you feeling quite tired.

30 min appt: $46
45 min appt: $58
60 min appt: $69

**Re-book on the day and get 25% off your next appointment**

Lymphatic massage

Lymphatic massage is a gentle-pressure technique used to move the waste fluids away from the damaged area. This is ideal for reducing swelling in injuries and post major surgery, nerve damage and fybromyalgia. It is also effective at reducing cellulite.

30 min appt: $52
45 min appt: $64
60 min appt: $75

Other specialist appointments

We have a few other very specialist appointments that might also interest you - all provided by our high qualified massage therapist and physiotherapist Jenny.

Myofascial release

This is a deep pressure massage focused on a specific pain area. This massage works to free the fascia and is an even deeper pressure than deep tissue massage.

30 min appt: $50

Abdominal massage

This is a massage that improves digestion, releases tension, reduces pain and reduces feeling of bloating.

30 min appt: $50 (SPECIAL OFFER ON AT THE MOMENT, 20% off your first appt!)

Swedish massage

This is a short but effective massage to work on specific areas. This massage includes additional strokes including kneading and trigger point therapy.

30 min appt: $48

Kinesio taping

Kinesio taping can reduce swelling, support joints, alleviate pain as well as improve posture and muscle balance.

30 min appt: $35

What to expect at your appointment

Our massage treatment room

Sports & Relaxation Massage Invercargill

Terms and Conditions: booking and paying for massage appointments

  • All bookings received by any means will automatically generate an invoice which you will be required to pay before or at the start of your appointment.
  • Ryding2Health has a 24 hour cancelation policy. Where we will always attempt to accomodate your request if you ask to change an appointment at short notice, we reserve the right to charge you for short notice cancellations if we cannot accommodate your appointment change request.



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"Excellent sports massage, got out all my niggles and my legs felt great. Friendly and helpful staff with nice clean and tidy facilities. Highly recommended. :)"

- Jeremy Holmes