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03 June 2019

Everyone knows what it’s like to struggle with the winter blues: dark mornings, days, long nights, so how do you motivate yourself to get out and do that workout? We break it down into small manageable steps

23 May 2019

A curious yet simple question we were asked last week: so here is the answer in non technical language!

10 Oct 2018

In fact, the question is not why the question is DOES IT...

7 Oct 2019

Something a client asked me this week, which actually has some science in the answer.

4 Oct 2018

This was a statement that a client brought to us earlier this week, saying a medical professional had told them that smoking speeds up your metabolism and therefore if you stop it will slow down thus making you gain weight.

We were, obviously, extremely keen to find out if this was in fact true.


OCTOBER WEBINAR: Fatness V Fitness

This is a popular discussion which surrounds the whole media hype on skinny is good, however we see more and more sudden deaths and health scares in seemingly fit people, so we explore why that might be, plus how it affects you

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"​Wow Jenny is Amazing, had a deep tissue massage with her and feel brand spanking new. Will be back very soon for another And highly recommend Jenny thanks again​"

- Rachael Pearson